dimanche 16 mars 2014

Morteza Shirkoohi مرتضی شیرکوهی - Reflection


Morteza Shirkoohi

Morteza Shirkoohi born in 1978 Tehran.
He learned piano near by :Nazanin Shafaie and laora tahmasian.
Harmony and Composition :mohsen elhamian,vartan sahakian and hamid reza dibazar.
Solfeje and Basic of music :vartan sahakian and Sharif lotfi.
He learned teaching of harmony,counterpoint,form and analysis and composition near by professor tengiz shaolokhashvily.
Now he is a composer and he teaches piano and academic lessons of music.

Academic:published by ravie azar kimia.-
-Arteeman: published by ravie azar kimia.
-Ghoosh (2) published by mahrize mehr -duet for flute and piano-
- audio CD ,note PDF – analyse of prelude and fuge in G and A- published in gozaresh moosighi magazine No 29/30.
- boomi quintet
- music of documentary film – Bazar-
-sonic magazine gramaphonic.No 1 and 2.
-sound track of "khorshid o mah "series (Director:Mehdi hosseinvand)
-Music of "khane nikoo"series (Director masoud keramati)

-second place of classical composers from 26th and 27th international fadjr*festival
-choosen of talents from 28th fadjr festival
-appreciated as classical composer from 28th fadjr festival.
-second place accompanying "Avaye mahan"choir group as pianist from 27th fadjr

(by the composer himself)

Reflection is a freely  concept from fugue. In composing this piece I benefited from Iranian thematic elements.some part of this concept is conscious. And what is hidden in the nature of this piece is because of it's composer's nationality and his devotion to his country.
similarity of recursion and simultaneity between fugue and Iranian architecture makes the internal essence of this piece. in  fact Reflection is a composing of thematic and technical elements of east and west's music.

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