dimanche 16 mars 2014

Marcell Magyari - 4 Variations on 4 pitches


Marcell Magyari
 Marcell Magyari was born in 1992 in Budapest, Hungary. He started to learn violoncello by his grandfather at age 8 and started to learn composing from Hungarian composers Katalin Pócs and Iván Madarász at age 13.
In 2009 Marcell Magyari founded an amateur chamber group called Cluster Music Factory, which was to perform contemporary works from young composers.
With this group he performed Different Trains by Steve Reich as a Hungarian premiere.
Marcell Magyari as a cellist and pianist premiered works by several young composers such as Daria Baiocchi (Italy), András Emszt (Hungary) and Trevor Holden (USA).
His compositional style is a smooth mixture of the North-American repetitive music and Lutosławski's aleatoric techniques.

4 Variations on 4 pitches

(by the composer himself)

This work is written for Nicolas Horvath, who asked for a short, but meditative piece of music
for solo piano. Though the work is short, the pianist needs to know four kind of music
notations, to play the score stylistically.
In this work for piano solo, there are only four kind of pitches: A, B, C and E. Though there is
only a limited number of chords, there are many different kind of melodies, moods throughout
the work.
This work is not a variation about themes or moods, but a variation on score notations, and
repetitive music stlyes. The first part is a variation on a Philip Glass technique, the second is a
combination of Lutos.awski and Kurtág notations, the third one is an aleatoric version of John
Adams’ notation, and the third one is an aleatoric version of Steve Reich’s notation.

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