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Françoise Choveaux - Galerie des Glass


Hailing from Lille, who began his musical training later , Françoise Choveaux is the beginning of his career Robert Lannoy director of the Conservatoire de Lille and his wife Lola Delwarde who bequeathed him know his piano before he died. At the same time , it follows writing and organ classes with Jeanne Joulain pupil of Marcel Dupré.Elle then went to the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris in the class of Lelia Gousseau . She graduated piano teaching .
To pass a course , she decides to leave the U.S. follow the course of Leon Fleisher and Lilian Freundlich Peabody Institute in Baltimore . Soon after she also managed the support of the Juilliard School in New York where she will follow the course of Eric Ewazen for composition and Sacha Gorodnitski for piano. She finds there a university where all students are more music lessons courses of general subjects like literature , sociology , aesthetics , language etc ... in order to prevent them from becoming uneducated musicians while developing social and humanistic dimension of professional work and promoting their integration in a complex world .
Back in France , she continued her dual career as pianist and composer. This is Madeleine Milhaud, Darius 's wife who suggested to record the complete piano works of her husband's world premiere . It serious and three CD offering us a masterful interpretation of these pieces too little known immediately rewarded by critics and the international press (19 directory , 5 Diapason , Le Monde de la Musique, 10/10 in wind ) .
This is Madeleine Milhaud, who urged him to persevere in the path of composition.Connaissant reviews uncompromising latter , Françoise Choveaux gives himself permission to become the composer it is today with more than 170 opus to its catalog. His works are now played around the world
If Françoise Choveaux used in his works polytonality it does not need to Milhaud. By cons she admits affinity with the composer perhaps because Brazil where people from his family lived . "In the Brazilian String Quartet , I wanted to describe the Brazilian soul, saudade is a mixture of a variety of emotions: joy, simplicity , hopelessness , fatalism , generosity . I also imbued with popular children's songs and Brazilian rhythms , "she said about her Op.101n 3. It also includes a novazinhas Bossa for piano opus 124.
She has written three Saudades , three string trios tribute to Madeleine Milhaud:
Op. 42 Saudade No. 1 and Op. 47-48 Saudades No. 2 and No. 3
But it is in his opus 22 Mill 's College concerto for orchestra , named this place where Darius Milhaud taught for many years that reflects his admiration for the composer using the same composition orchestra in The Creation of world.
From March 1999 to March 2001 , Françoise Choveaux is invited by the association to the live at the Abbaye de la Pree (Musical Academy of Fine Arts ) for a residency mind : she draws strength and vitality increased .
 She then began an important series dedicated to the orchestra. First, continuing its series of three symphonies for strings now known and interpreted by several orchestras ( St. Petersburg , Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra , Orchestre de la Pree ... ) .
She also wrote a series of concerti : On 21 September 2002, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lithuania has established his Violin Concerto No. 1 with the prodigy Vilhelmas Cepinskis in a series of concerts in major cities of Lithuania ( September 21, 2002 ) .
In June 2004, she created her Winter Concerto for piano and string orchestra with the London Primavera Orchestra. after White Symphony for organ, string orchestra and timpani (op. 100) , in 2001 his Symphony Indigo , is recorded in orchestral repertoire such as St. Petersburg, or Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra ) . C ' the painter Arthur Van Hecke dedicatee of his Symphony Indigo inspires him this title , as Françoise Choveaux love working with writers, painters and dancers and mix different disciplines creating partitions and shows: writing a story music for recorded by Michel Bouquet , with the writer Lily Gros which is the third collaboration and actor Jacob Vouters children it creates a Thousand and pasta for narrator , flute , clarinet, two pianos , xylophone , harmonium , 2 violins, viola , cello and bass - a work full " musical- culinary " flavor text on a Lily Gros with the same orchestration as the Carnival of the Animals Saint Saens . She composes music for radio drama , Les Francs- Comtois , produced by Radio France.Elle working performances choreographer Odile Duboc, she writes compositions for museums, the National Museum of Iceland Reijavik it occurs with a program French music in a retrospective André Masson, the LAAC Place of Contemporary Art and Action Dunkirk she gave a concert around Prints of Jacques Doucet, the French CoBrA , the painter Matthew Schmitt she gets a show on the theme insects.
 This is in reference to the painting Françoise Choveaux talking about chamber music one of his favorite forms , particularly the writing for strings which occupies an important place in his compositions "The wealth of sounds and colors for strings discovery of each moment. For a composer , I think the string quartet offers infinite possibilities as can the palette of a painter . "

Galerie des Glass

(by the composer himself)

The three miniatures op.195 for piano represent three mobiles with suspended Glass elements: 
these three sculptures swept by the wind and smoothed caressed by the sun elaborate
 transparent mirror games, lights, colors, reflections, phantasmagorical shapes,
 painted by the windy scores

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