dimanche 16 mars 2014

Frédérick Martin - Glass in Mirror


Frederick Martin

Paris born composer Frederick Martin (1958-) has always tended towards the fusion of traditions with a sense of avant-garde. His output of about 160 pieces tackles all genres and expression dimensions, in his chamber music, hinged on his 11 string quartets, as well as his orchestral works, which include 5 symphonies and several concertos. 
Frederick Martin occupies a unique place in the landscape of contemporary art . By training , first, far removed from the traditional academic route. By his eclectic musical tastes , then , that reflect , for example, a particular interest in metal music and stridency , which his works are not free .As emphasized by Hugues Dufourt effect works in the catalog of the composer Frederick Martin " wrote an essentially tight music." To do this, he explores the confines of instrumental resources possible, frequently uses registers and extreme tessitura , likes, the orchestra sounds " eruptive " and " incandescent " signs of a " writing style all whole focused on the effort, [ which has ] yet nothing ungrateful or repulsive in the audible result . " Is that accurate Dufourt , Frederick Martin also demonstrates an undeniable " virtuoso writing " manifested particularly at the musical articulation . Bruno Mantovani - who also notes from the composer a "highly dramatic conception of the work [1] " - says about the transitions in their decked out with an emotional charge giving the rooms a " narrative character of the towers strong, " no longer the sole role of liaising between the important moments of the speech.Self first resident of the Villa Medici , Frederick Martin formed off the beaten path . His departure for Africa shortly after his birth was held in effect permanently away from conservatories. Back in France, he officiates a time as copyist never stop writing , then spent two years at the Académie de France in Rome (1989-1991) before taking the courses of computer music at IRCAM (1992-1993) . He flew to California then successively and Russia within the framework of Medicis Villa extramural programs (1993-1994) and Giles (2006).Alongside his compositional activity , Frederick Martin is ready to exercise conferences, devoted himself to writing articles and books as well as education . Author Eunolie first French book on black metal (2003), he was asked by various magazines like Musica Falsa , he is one of the editors. Professor of music composition and arrangement at the University of Marne -La-Vallée between February 2006 and June 2009, he also taught , from January to June 2011, the musical training and analysis at the School of Music Brétigny -sur -Orge .Coup de Cœur of the Académie Charles Cros for three of his tales for children - an area in which Frederick Martin has yet ventured with success - holder Paul Louis Weiller Award presented by the Academy of Fine Arts for the all of his work , the composer said to feed on "everything is [ its ] provision in terms of sounds, shapes, grammatical resources , paradoxes , impulses , break ." Evidenced by its more than one hundred and thirty opus numbers which result , in large part , orders from national institutions, groups or private individuals .

Glass in Mirror

Glass in Mirror, #12 of the 24 Preludes for Piano,
 makes up an attempt to compose a repetitive and mono-rhythmic music on a short scale, 
with the obsession of playing as fast and as loud as possible throughout the piece. 

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