mercredi 18 juin 2014

Justin Lépany - You saw me die every Night


Justin Lépany was born in Tokyo in 1980 from a French mother and an American father and was raised in Paris. He studied jazz guitar and musicology in Paris and Cardiff before moving to Berlin in 2005, where he still lives and works as an independent composer and as a guitarist for the
DJ-producer Fritz Kalkbrenner, the indie pop band Vember and his experimental project Hydroglisseur with the saxophonist Christoph Enzel. In his music, he wants to explore new paths without renouncing a clear melodic, rhythmical and formal direction. Baroque and romantic organ music, renaissance polyphonies as well as the discoveries of modern composers like György Ligeti, Salvatore Sciarrino or Horatiu Radulescu and countless rock and metal bands inspire his compositions. For more music and informations, visit

You saw me die every Night

(by the composer himself) 
My music has always been made of optimism and hope and will always be
 but "You saw me die every night..." is a composition made of suffering and disappointment.
 It is a psalm without words, a mute chorale about calling to God in vain 
and about people who think that their own fears are an excuse to harm those who love them.

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