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Andre Vindu Bangambula - My Homage to P.Glass


Andre Vindu Bangambula

Born in Leopoldville,Belgian Congo[now Kinshasa,Democratic Republic of Congo] in 1953,composer and educator,Vindu Bangambula came to China in 1984.He lives in  Shanghai,where he teaches music at Shanghai BISS.He studied at the National Conservatory of  Music and drama/National Institute of Arts in Kinshasa.Graduated in 1976,He served as Lecturer  in Music Theory and Saxophone there from 1976 to 1982.From1982 to 1984 he became an Asssistant Professor,Researcher and Head of Music Field at the Center of Studies and Diffusion of Arts belonging to The National Institute of Arts/National University of Zaire;also Head of the Maisha Experimental Music Ensemble.He holds B.A. and M.A.degrees in Composition from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.Former Executive Secretary for the Zairian Council of Music in Kinshasa[under the International Music Council/ UNESCO -Paris] &Young Musicians of Zaire,Kinshasa[under the International Federation of Young Musicians,Brussels].Contributor at Studio School /Voice of Zaire at the National Radio,Kinshasa and former Manager of Shanghai Cultural Development Co,Japanese & French Co.He has published articles in “Revue Zairoise des Arts’Maisha’[Presses Universitaires du Zaire,Kinshasa,”Art of Music” [published by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music] and in“Gaudeamus Foundation,Bulletin”, Amsterdam.He attended seminaries at EPHE,at Paris-Sorbonne.He has participated in Festivals in Austria,the Netherlands,England,Canada,South Africa,France And China.And His works was performed by The Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and at Pittsburgh University and Churchill College[Cambridge University].Also, his piano piece”Lullaby”has been published by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS,2007.He’s a member of ASCAP/USA and International Society African to American Music/UK

“One day, I was born from my mother womb as a child
And I needed to be protected against anything wild
When I cried ,I was sensible toward a song
Indeed, my mother’s feeding made me strong
Basically speaking, the word music started with a clap
Nowadays, young people are focusing their music on a so called”rap”
When looking back to early civilization there are many florilege
Which are still precious and keep stressing their own privilege
In substance,the sacred church music represents a form of architecture
Scientits,Painters,Writers,Musicologists,Musicotherapists,Physicians are giving lectures
I want to go straight to the point to say that Music is a very Art
With a panoplie of Composers of the previous centuries,no one can ignore Beethoven or Mozart 
Also,let me emphasize the fact that each generation has is taste in terms of stories
Men,Women,Children keep enjoying  their favorite dances or their old melodies 

About my own Musical world
1. My background:Firstly,I would like to introduce myself as an African Composer.Indeed,I studied   music from the age of sixteen.After learning  music rudiments,I began learning saxophone,harmony,counterpoint and music history etc.By the way,I started Music Composition,one of a very complexe fields in music.
2. My experience:As a Music Teacher,I found that the earing is so important.Also,the rhythm is so vital in terms of interpretation.As you know,some people will remain arhythmical during their life.In addition,aural problems are inherent to the intonation.
3. My technical and aesthetics appreciation.
As a Composer,let me tell you that I really appreciate the role played by J.S.Bach,a German Great Master.Indeed,his works such “A well tempered pianoforte”represent a kind of “Musical Bible”for all professional musicians .For today,even jazz musicians are enjoying his music.In the meantime,I found that the concept of dissonance appeared earlier.That means,he managed to composed church music and paid more attention to music architecture.For instance,his “Toccata & Fugua”is very big challenger…Meanwhile,another German Composer has two kinds of works.
a. Tonal music[his “Transfigured Night” is a chef-d’oeuvre for me.
b. Atonal music also called serial music or Dodecaphonic style,which still remains an academic work.
My explanation concerning my music.
Generally speaking,I cherish different Composers such from different countries such as Stravinsky,Charles Ives,Gershwin,Debussy,Villa Lobos etc.In the meantime,I like Jazz and folk Music.
But,I’m doing a kind of mixture between Classical,Jazz,folk Music.

My Homage to P.Glass

(by the composer himself)

In this work, my aim is to stress the impact of musical modes.
The subject occurs from the beginning.
In fact my B part is a Developpment.
And Part C is a Close section.For me,I’m very excited in terms of transe.
So I made it quite colorful.
Conclusion:in order to pay respect to a great people,
in my country,the music could be fast,even danceable.
That is the reason the tempo is not slow.Finally,
I want to say that Music has no boundaries.
Actually,it’s a matter of education and taste.

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