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Stefano Ottomano - il muro di Alda


Stephen Ottomano
Stephen Ottomano, born December 4, 1983 in Bari , percussionist and composer , graduated , with highest honors , in " Drums " at the Conservatory Niccolo Piccinni in Bari, under the guidance of Maestro Benjamin Forestiere . He studied " Experimental Composition ", under the guidance of Maestro Gianni Nazarene France and with Maestro Biagio Putignano attended the Course of specialization in Composition at the Accademia Superiore " City of Music and Theatre " Penne with a vote of 10/10.Ha studied film music with Maestro Luigi Morleo.Con Maestro Riccardo Santoboni has studied the development and dissemination of sound with Max and other systems informatici.Svolge intense activity as a teacher of drums and percussion in various schools , Associations and Musical Workshops of the Province of Bari, collaborates and records as a session man for recording studios , composed soundtracks for short films and feature films for several registi.Compone music for the theater , commercials for websites . He holds seminars on frame drums and other percussion instruments . He has participated in master classes and master the most important teachers of percussion instruments in the world of music and pedagogy of composition: Leigh H. Stevens, Mark Ford , Ruud Wiener, Tim Adams, Emil Richards, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic , John Piazza Mike Quinn, Andrea Dulbecco , Martha Klimasara , Frédéric Macarez , Rich Holly , Neil Grover, John Beck , Terry Bozzio , Gregg Bisonette , Marangolo Agostino , Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti , Joseph Berlen , Keith A. Aleo , Ivana Bilic , Michael Burrit , Philip Lattanzi , Ivan Mancinelli , Jean Geoffory , Klaus Tresselt , Antonio Buonuomo , François Thiollier Joel , Steve Reich, Luca Francesconi , Azio Corghi , Nottoli Giorgio , Giorgio Sanguinetti , Francis Filidei , Mass Ndiaye , Louis Morley , Stephen Baldoni , David Torrente and Alfio Antico . It ' the author of didactic works for drums and other percussion instruments extensively used by several of Percussion Teachers in Italy and abroad , including " New method of starting the battery for children " ( Florestan Editions 9/2008 ), a revolutionary system and unique in the world, receiving excellent reviews in specialized journals such as the " Percussion " and praised by great teachers such as the great teacher Maestro Antonio Buonomo that immediately sistema.Ha he appreciated the Master Class held Marimba , Vibraphone , Drums and Multipercussioni Cornicei while ill " Lump Festival 2009-20011 " during his concerts shows his compositions for vibraphone , marimba , strings and multipercussioni , enjoying success with critics and audiences . Blog, and journals his name was often afficancato the names of composers such as Philip Glass, Wim Mertens and Ludovico Einaudi. Fifteen of these compositions are present in his album " Spaces" . Competition Winner "Adopt a class and discover her talents " School G.Rodari Casamassima. He took part as a commissioner in several music competitions . He has recorded three albums of his own compositions "Spaces " 2009 " How to drag from the wind " 2011 and "Poker for 50 harps " 2011.Le his compositions rich not only a prestigious compositional technique , always careful and meticulously refined , contain the soul same author , nostalgic and sentimental, reflective and deeply attentive to the discovery of the self, capable ( as usual now ) to give strong emotions and ideas to the public , the same who takes refuge in his music to find peace and well-being of sensory ' mood .

His compositions for percussion instruments are published dall'Alfonce Production ( France) and requests from drummers around the world .His music has esuguite in most parts of the world.In the Orchestra of Harps Italian compositions he composed the "Poker for 50 Harps " performed in the theaters of Cosenza and power , unique in its composition so as to attract the attention of many teachers analysis who considered the work unique in its kind, on a par with some innovative forms of composition such as checkerboard or J.Cage variation 2 by Domenico Guaccero and "I cassettinel dream " for vibraphone and harp orschestra performed at the " House of Music " in Cosenza, the " Odeon Theatre " of Reggio Calabria and the " Theatre Russolo " in Portogruaro . This collaboration was born the so-called "Poker for 50 Harps " cd also contains two quartets for harp . For the same orchestra he composed " Btzaetà " and " Capernaum " for vibraphone , percussion, harp and orchestra yirdaki performed at the " Music Room " of Cosenza and the " Theatre Russolo " Portogruaro.Le of his music for harp quartet are performed by the Quartet of Italian Harps . His score for the film " Do not go " by director Alexander Porzio has been nominated at the " Tropea Film Festiva , 2010" among the best 5 scores, earning praise from the jury.

He founded and directs various percussion ensemble including " Ionisation " and " Bidonsteelband " training of Steel Drums only in Italy . Both teams are made up by his students and have already won several first prizes in several Absolute Music Competitions Nazionali.Gli was awarded a Medal of Honor as a Master topped the rankings for most of the students have won prizes in music competitions nazionali.Vince the Prize " Character Casamassimese the Year 2011" CLASS PERFORMANCE . " It ' was Professor of Percussion Instruments for Pre- Academic Courses at the Conservatory Niccolo Piccinni in Bari He conceived and organized the Composition Competition " Terra di Puglia " unique in history of composition competitions in Italy and the world with the live performance of all compositions presented , achieving great success not only by critics and the public, but especially to composers of every style and poetry that have recognized an event of the same highest level container for comparison not only of language but of thought. his composition " All otherwise equal" against all forms of racism has become the slogan of the various Associations " no Racism " . And ' endorser battery Traps for the cajon of CVL and the frame drum manufacturer's Davide Torrente .

il muro di Alda

(by the composer himself) 

My composition "muro di Alda" is a present for 
the famous italian contemporany poet Alda Merini 
dead in 2009. inside her flat, in the bedroom,
there was a wall where she wrote notes, 
telephone nubers, thoughts.
 that wall began a monument.

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