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Jean-Christophe Rosaz - Under a Tree


Jean-Christophe ROSAZ

Born in the Alps, of a Swiss-French nationality and Italian-Argentinean origin, all this invite him to travel, meeting other cultures. Graduated of the Conservatory of Lyon in classical guitar and writing music (counterpoint, harmony and fugue), he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Composition at the Conservatoire National de Lyon and then in film music at the Ecole Normale de Musique - Alfred Cortot in Paris .

He has won several composition competitions: 2013 Prayer for peace has been choiced for the Congrès Pueri cantores 2014 Paris. The lads of Monleon is the winner of the 1st Hispasong International Composers Contest (Spain). Diligam te, Domine is the winner of the 7th Concours Amadeus de composition chorale(Spain).
Chiaroscuro for double bass solo received the Grand Prize International Society of Bassists David Walter Composition Competition solo division, the premiere performance will be at the 2013 ISB Convention, June 3-8, Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. Concours National Composition and Writing Songs for Choirs (Choirs Creates Re) 2009 chaired by Jean-Claude Vannier (Jury members: Jean-Claude Petit, composer, Patrick Marco, head of choir). Fairies of the Rhine was awarded the prize for composition for choir festival of Swiss children's choirs and youth / 2008-2009. Semifinalist for Frammenti dell 'Paradiso (from a text by Dante Alighieri) to contest composition of sacred music for choir of Fribourg (Switzerland) 2008. Composition Competition for Concert Band of Lambersart 2006. Contest the city of Basel in 2000, for Argizagi: mixed choir. Lutoslawski International Composers Competition: Awarded for Four Indian Songs (soprano, conductor) / 1995. Piano Composition Competition of the city of Vannes: winner for Storm on the Ocean, Under The Sun's Drum / 1990.

His works are created in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, the United States by ensembles and musicians of international fame as Sonia Wieder-Atherthon, Pascale Rouet at the International Festival of Organ Music of Dudelange, Christine Marchais, Marc Sieffert, Francois Veilhan, Noelle-Anne Darbellay, the Choir Britten cond.
Nicole Corti, Suonare e Cantare, dir. J. Gaillard, Maîtrise de la ville de Paris Masters, cond. Patrick Marco, Maîtrise de la Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, cond.
D. Rougier ...

He received numerous commissions: the Forestare Ensemble Canada, the Modern South America ensemble, Cantatrix, Amia associtation and the city of Strasbourg for an opera for children's voices, The Quimper Musical Weeks, Orion Ensemble (Switzerland) dir.
Jean-Luc Darbellay, The Choir of the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire (cond. Valérie Fayet), the Festival of Voices Priory, dir. artistic Bernard Tetu, Loïc Pierre and Le Cepravoi, the Argenteuil Estudiantina and Florentino Calvo, Panam 'Trombones as well as featured artists such as Marianne Müller, Thierry Barbé ...

Under a Tree
(by the composer himself) 

A tribute to Philip Glass?
When Nicolas Horvath asked me to write a tribute to Philip Glass would be a bit like the reflection of his music in my work ( which are sometimes found in his footsteps ) and my reflection on art , I just was awake on the idea. Given the number of composers sought , it was the time itself is "minimalist " one minute !
Minimalist music, based on repetition : you can hear in some traditional music from various cultures, in ground , with a passacaglia ostinato bass in some forms of pop music . If it appropriates so special sensations arising : incantation, spell or shamanic trance up exasperation and feeling of confinement, it can be seen also as a game in which the rule would be: what to do inside this " playground "?
It is also a music that caters to a wide audience and what artist does he not questioned about it ( to reject , be slave or try to find a balance between proposal and receiving) ?
Was it not at its inception in the 60s , prophetic of our time "copy and paste "? Is it not green by the perpetual recycling of its foundation ? Does it have a form of wisdom by means of its economy ? By obstinate side , do not she expresses the position of man in relation to the world around him : as a political manifesto that would say no to anything that does not match its deepest values ?
More specifically it not also partly answers the question of children's music or amateur ensemble , for which we can develop it through accessible formats ( for example, by enriching the overlay technique ) ?
While I was looking for a title for the piece (? ' Around ' Glass ") , I lay down under a tree in which all young leaves shimmered in the sun and playing in the breeze : the choice of Under the Tree is then all naturally came to me because it is a live music traversed by a wave and coated with shimmering that I wanted to pay tribute humbly . Over the wave in motion, a sober and expressive singing rises soon picked up by an imaginary bird which responds in turn a deep echo before climbing up there in space, 
as if nature all came into full resonance ...

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