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Rodolfo Ledesma - Glosa


Rodolfo Ledesma
Composer born in Cali Colombia in 1954. He has written music for orchestra,
chamber, vocal and various ensembles. His music is frequently performed internationally
and in Colombia.
Mr. Ledesma began music studies and piano at an early age from his father, tenor
and professor of singing at Cali Conservatory of Music. He attended the Conservatory of
Music in Cali from 1962-72 and finished Basic Music studies. From 1978-84, he studied
also Civil Engineering at the University of Saint Thomas in Bogotá (Colombia). From
1895-87 he studied composition with latin-american composer Roque Cordero and
conducting with Maestro Julian Dawson at Illinois State University. From 1990-91, he
studied composition with Dr. John Van der Slice and conducting with Maestro David Gray
at University of Miami. From 1999-2000 he attended Contact Composition Program classes
with german composer Martín Christoph Redel at Hochschule fur Music, Detmold,
Germany. He finished a Master Degree in Philosophy (2007) at University of Valle, in Cali,
Colombia, where since 1993 is Associated Professor (School of Music-Integrated Arts
Faculty) in theory and composition courses.

• Guest lecturer at the Inter-american workshop “Word and Music” organized
by the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University. Bloomington,
Indiana, 1994. He attended master classes with Mario Lavista, George
Crumb, and Juan Orrego Salas.
• Guest lecturer at the First Symposium “Festival of Music and literature”
organized by Dr. Marc Jean-Bernard Director of the International Studies
Program of the University of Puerto Rico. Lecture: “Creative connections
between Music and Literature”. Puerto Rico (USA). October, 2009.
• Guest lecturer at the “XVII Caribbean Composers Forum” organized by the
Humanities Faculty of the University of Puerto Rico. Conference: “Stylistic
Diversifications about technical problems of performing which face the
contemporary composer”. Performance of his work, “Interlude 2” for Solo
Clarinet in Bb. Puerto Rico (USA), April, 2010.

• Honorary award from “Valle del Cauca Colombian government”. 1993. Cali
• Honorary award from Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes “a
distinguished music professor” at Cali Conservatory of Music. 1992. Cali

• First prize “Colcultura National Composition Contest” with
“Metamorfósis” for string quintet. 1992. Bogotá (Colombia).
• Second prize International Composition Competition “Premio Oreste
Sindici” with “Eclosión” for guitar. 2003. Ceccano. Italy.
Discography and Publications
• “Metamorphosis” for String Quintet. National Composition Prize “Colcultura”1992. Work
published by “Colcultura”. Bogota.
• “Interlude I” for solo violin. Work published by Net Art Company Publishing, Torrice (Fr.)
Italy 2004 and Digital recording by Tamaki Kanaseki (1998. Japán) in the CD “Musica para
Instrumentos Solos” by Rodolfo Ledesma” 2009, Colombia (Cali - 2009).
• “Neoclassic Visions”. Recording in the CD Vienna Moderns Masters. New Music for
Orchestra: Music from Six Continents. VMM 3045. Vienna, 1992, Austria.
• “Eclosión” for Guitar (1998). Second Prize International Composition Contest “Oreste
Síndici”, Ceccano. Italy. Work published by Net Art Company. 2004. Italy. Recording by
guitarist Javier Mauricio Cruz in the CD ¨Portraits¨ Volumen 1. 9 guitar solos. BÉRBEN srl
– publishing house. Ancona, 2008, Italy.
• “Preludios del Juglar”. Digital recording by guitarrist Gustavo Niño in his CD Facetas.
Cali, 2007. Digital recording in Italy by Mo. Sandro Di Stefano. Ceccano, Italia, 2007.
Work published by BÉRBEN srl – publishing house. Ancona, 2007, Italy.
• “Interlude II” for solo Clarinet (2008). Digital recording by Jorge Mario Uribe in the CD
“Musica para Instrumentos Solos” by Rodolfo Ledesma” Colombia (Cali - 2009),
sponsored by Universidad del Valle.
• “Impressions” (1989). Set of five pieces for piano. Published by Net Art Company
Publishing, Torrice (Fr.) Italy 2004. Recorded by the composer in the CD “Música para
Instrumentos Solos” by Rodolfo Ledesma” 2009, Colombia (Cali - 2009).
• “Little Parnassus”. Seven simple pieces for piano (2008). Recorded by the composer in the
CD “Música para Instrumentos Solos” by Rodolfo Ledesma. Colombia (Cali - 2009).


(by the composer himself)

Glosa develops a tripartite form on a free atonalism. A short introduction opens in mezzo forte
with sharping chords which lead to a strong cluster pivot as an entrance to the repeated section A. The section B as a contrast one,in lento, generates a dreamily discourse. At the end of this section B a  thematic of Mirror chords lead to the re-exposition (A''), which contains the introduction again. The piece close on a vigorous final of hammering conclusive chords.

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