vendredi 14 mars 2014

Leoncio Lara Bon - Pieza en Forma de Vidrio


 Leoncio Lara Bon

An eclectic musician who has been involved in most of the aspects of the musical business, Leoncio Lara Bon's initial success came from his work with the 80´s Rock band Bon and the Enemies of Silence. Later, he transitioned to composing and producing music for Films, Theatre, Radio, Advertising, TV and the Concert Hall. He was appointed Musical Director for the 2010 festivities of the Mexican Bicentennial, is a regular advisor and lecturer for the Ibermedia- IMCINE-Sundance Film Music Laboratory and in 2012 was commissioned by the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra to compose Tochin , the Rabbit of the Moon.

Pieza en forma de vidrio (Piece in Form of Glass)

(by the composer himself)

Its a small piece that tries to be an homage to Mr. Philip Glass, tries to use a very simple idea with a very simple pattern but with a very complicated admiration.

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