dimanche 16 mars 2014

Osamu Kawakami 川上 統 - GLASS Hopper


Osamu Kawakami
Osamu Kawakami was born in 1979 in Tokyo. He graduated from the composition department of the Tokyo College of Music in 2003, training and supplemented it with a graduate from the same university in 2005.
He studied composition with Shin-ichiro Ikebe, Toshio Hosokawa, Noriko Hisada, and Hiroyuki Yamamoto.
He won the contest Twentieth Society contemporary Japanese music in 2003.
His piece entitled The Family shark was presented at the Chapelle Saint-Bernard in Paris in 2008. His piece entitled Gatling Johann was presented during the Folle Journée Japan in 2009. Invited international music festival Takefu in 2009, he wins a scholarship to come to exchange Royaumont. He is interested in biodiversity, and wrote plays that are called living beings.

GLASS Hopper

(by the composer himself)

I often feel that music of Phillip Glass has many vitality like living things.
And I also feel it as very very stylish.
My imagination was inspired and it grew imagination of homage as Glass"not grass"hopper.
This music will be jumping,stopping and walking quickly on the keyboard like vitality of his music.
I present this piece with sincerely for my great friend Nicolas Horvath and his great challenge.

drawming by the composer himself

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