dimanche 16 mars 2014

Kazuo Missé 三瀬和朗 (みせ かずお)- Résonance VI


Kazuo Missé

Kazuo Missé graduated from Tokyo University of the Art with bachelor and master degrees. He studied composition (with Mareo Ishiketa and Yasuo Sueyoshi),piano(with Jun Date) and singing (with Eiko Seyama). In 1986 Missé graduated from École Normale de Musique de Paris where he studied with Yoshihisa Taira. He acquire Diplôme Supérieur. He received first prize at the Gian Battista Viotti International Music Competition in 1986.  Commissionedby the 18th Min-on Contemporary Music Festival,Violin  Concerto “Chant de la mer profonde” was premiered by Devy Erlih(Vn.),Ayako Shinozaki(Hp.) and the New Japan Philharmonic conducted by Yuzo Toyama. Other representative works include Le Temps Profond and L’étoile du firmament gelé. He is currently a professor at Toho Gakuen School of Music.

Résonance VI
(by the composer himself) 

In early February 2014, I composed for this very concert this 
"Homage to Philip Glass", a little variation from a pattern made with
three notes: G = (G), LA = (A), S = es (E flat in German). 
I was very inspired by Philip Glass clear ( transparent) sonority, and this is how this piece was born. 
I am full of impatience to hear the wonderful interpretation of 
Nicolas for this world premiere.

Résonance VI

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