vendredi 14 mars 2014

Nicolas Wind - Marbles at 4 a.m.


NicolasWind a cosmopolitan composer, poet and multi-instrumentalist, who shares his time between composing classical, film and rock music.
Within past decade he produced a substantial number of pieces for different settings like Stabat Mater for Mezzosoprano, Choir and Orchestra; Mass of the Wings for Soprano, Alto, Double Choir and Orchestra, Magnificat Vivaldiae for Chorus, Organ and Strings; Six Choruses for Mixed Choir, works for solo organ etc, a 3-act opera Mysterious Stranger after Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger" and a ballet The Fisherman & His Soul after Oscar Wilde's fairytale of the same title.
In the summer of 2006 Nicolas Wind completed the soundtrack for short-film Sanctuary, a production of London's Mod Films and compiled a set of original compositions for the Lisa Hammer's Blessed ElysiumMotion Picture Companyi n Los Angeles for her play Grimmer Than Grimm that is performed at The Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood area.
In 2008 Nicolas launched an original diversified studio project nECSTATICiNCREDIBLE (2008/9), that followed by the recording of two albums,Someone Will Make It For Me (2008/9) and Beatific Disasters in 3071  (2011/13), and production of a music video clip PerpetuallyInsane.

In 2011 Nicolas' selected chamber works have been contracted and published by the MusikFabrik in France.
And in the summer of 2013 he formed a concert alternative funk band DeImperfAction that regularly performs at Prague venues.

Nicolas' aesthetic preferences and interests are focused primarily on the music of Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi, Henry Purcell, Sebastian Bachand various baroque composers; the heritage of Leonardo da Vinci and masters of Italian, German and Dutch Renaissance as well as international ethnic and experimental music and arts

Marbles at 4 a.m.

(by the composer himself)

In our times people tend to take arts and music as a sort of commodity, "a product" as they put it, and so the artists strive to find an algorithm of how to entertain the public best and get paid for it. But again that was people (and commonly those who got absolutely nothing to do with arts) who turned the music into a thing. While music remains an art, an ultimate form of human expression. And so Marbles serve no other purpose but a closer listening.

Written in Baroque style the piece, or rather a vision, explores a possibility of a simple kids game turning into a prenotion of a global disaster as if expressed and seen through the eyes of a Baroque man.

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