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Aspasia Nasopoulou Ασπασία Νασοπούλου - Olinda


Aspasia Nasopoulou
Ασπασία Νασοπούλου
Aspasia Nasopoulou, (Athens 1972) is living and working as composer in Amsterdam.
Her music varies in nature, ranging from solo instrumental to ensemble pieces and from stage and dance pieces to vocal music. It has an abstract narrative quality that interplays with its theatrical dimension.
She is inspired by eternal ideas and concerns, drawing equally from ancient texts (Sappho, Euripides) or the medieval poetry of Christine de Pizan, to the hyperrealism of N. Egonopoulos, or the contemporary thoughts of Saburo Teshigawara and Oscar Hahn's poems. Her works are composed for unconventional combinations of both western and non- western instruments, presenting an authentic tableau where Greek tradition melts together with western tradition and modernity. Nasopoulou has been involved in projects that incorporate media from different arts. She collaborated with choreographers, directors, writers, and visual artists, including Roser Lopez Espinoza, Kevin Walton,
Nienke Brokke and Ernst Dullemond. She focuses the last years on music’s relation with texts.

She studied Piano, diploma with honors from the Conservatory of Piraeus in Greece, Composition -diploma with honors from the "N.Skalkotas" Conservatory, with M. Travlos- and BSc in Geology from the National University of Athens. She continued her studies in composition with a scholarship from the Propondis Foundation at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam -Bc and Ms degrees- with Wim Henderickx and Fabio Nieder. Specialization: contemporary music in combination with contemporary dance.

Her works have been performed in concerts and festivals in The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, London, Paris, Finland, Spain, Japan and the US;
among them, Gaudeamus Music Week 2003, Concertgebouw, Nieuw Ensemble, Muziekdagen 2002 Vredenburg, International Gaudeamus Competition for performers 2005, Marcogliano Festival 2004 Alma Mahler Symfonnieta, De Suite 2005 Muziekgebouw, Percussion festival in Paris 2005, Grachtenfestival 2009, Haapavesi Folk Music Festival 2011, Athens Concert Hall 2000, 2007 Greek Modern Ensemble.
Her music has been broadcasted on Dutch radio channels Concertzender and Radio 4, and on the Third Program of the National Greek radio.
She received the incentive prize for the piece "Lelia Doura" of the Donemus composition competition in 2012.
Her music has received support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (FPK)
Further activities
She was elected as a permanent member of the Union of Hellenic Composers in 2002, and she is a member of Geneco since 2006. 
She was programming and moderating the series of Workshops “De Componist” and “The Performer” at the Walter Maas Huis from 2006 to 2009.
She is teaching piano at the British School of Amsterdam.


(by the composer herself)

the hidden city
“….In Olinda if you go out with a magnifying glass and hunt carefully you may find somewhere a point no bigger than the head of a pin which if you look at it slightly enlarged reveals within itself the roofs, the antennas, the skylights, the gardens, the pools…. “
from “The Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino

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