samedi 15 mars 2014

Frédéric Serrano - Glass Harmonic@


Frédéric Serrano

Frédéric SERRANO, french musicologist and composer borned in 1974. Graduated in musicology and composition. Since 2011 he’s been the director of a music school in Lyon and teacher in musicology at the University of Lyon (improvisation, analysis). He’s interested in new technologies for teaching and has created an educational musical site called He composed several works for advertising and film, and has developped in the last fifteen years a personnals compositions related to chamber music, orchestral and vocal works. He has also been a columnist on 

Glass Harmonic@

(by the composer himself)

It's first of all a tribute to the work of Philip Glass magnificent.
According to the History of Music, it appears that composer's emotions shine in their music!
Here, the work is an attempt to highlight three crucial concepts for humans:
simplicity, softness and rupture.

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