samedi 15 mars 2014

Alp Durmaz - Bustling


Alp Durmaz

Alp Durmaz was born in 1974 in İstanbul. He took private music lessons such as theory, composition, piano, and form from one of the leading composers of Turkey, Cenan Akın until he entered Bilkent Faculty of Music and Performing Arts composition department in 1994. During his  education at Bilkent University, he studied composition with Bujor Hoinic and Elhan Bakihanov. After graduating from university, he studied contemporary music with Ahmet Yürür and Aydın Esen. With the help of these two significant musicians, Durmaz started using more of modern music techniques in his music. Durmaz has composed music for a movie and a theatre play and some of his works were played by various ensembles in Turkey and Italy. He won two prizes in  International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition Competition both in 2010 and 2011. He is aiming to compose music comprehensible by every level of audience using modern music and traditional Turkish music techniques.


(by the composer himself)

The piece titled “Bustling” combines Philip Glass’ style and my own perspective to minimalism. The piece also reflects my perception of Glass’ music. The form  is quite classical in which the “patterns” alter in every 4 or 8 measures. Attention must be payed for the pedal markings to reflect the exact mood of the piece. When played in indicated tempo which is 120, the piece takes about 2’15’’ minutes.

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