lundi 6 octobre 2014

David Atria - Cyclamen


Composer David Atria (of Italian origin) was born in Liège, Belgium in 1975. He studied music at a very young age with private teachers. Trained by the Fine Arts, he later decides to take charge of his own musical education as an autodidact. In 2002, he leaves Liège, goes to Brussels but quickly moves to Paris, where he creates with Nunzio d'Annibale and Raphaël Denys an online journal of art and literature called "in situ! ". This journal publishes interviews with important writers and musicians such as: Philippe Sollers, Jordi Savall, Fabio Biondi, Etienne Klein, etc.
By the end of 2007, the violinist Fabio Biondi, interprets his sonata for violin solo at a concert in Norway.
For the next two years, he publishes reviews from classical albums in the Magazine Littéraire. In late 2010, he teams up with violinist Anne-Sylvie Primo who heads the Ensemble Darius. This group of classical musicians regularly plays the repertoire and his compositions. In 2012, he completes two books of French Poetry and another book based on his own experience with musical compositions titled "How I came back to where I was". This book opens our eyes to his perspective through the study and history of music by analyzing great composers, and deepens the artist’s spiritual lineage through the present and future course.
In October 2013, during the Festival of Sacred Music in Liège, Belgium, the String Quartet I, and the Sonata for solo violin by Anne-Sylvie Primo and the Ensemble Darius collaborate together in a successful concert.
The album Continuum Présence was released in January 2014 under the label cd Emma Music. This album gathers the best compositions created for the Ensemble David Atria. During the course of 2014, David Atria receives another scholarship from La Province de Liège, Belgium, to record his next album titled "Via Tertia".
In addition, he composed in many genres (including a Requiem, a piano concerto, a concerto for violin, chamber music, etc.). He now works between Bordeaux, Paris and Liège and is preparing his third album  "Medium" for the label company called Parnassie.


(by the composer himself)

This piece has been initially composed for classical guitar, two violins and a cello. The original version is on the record “Continuum Présence”.
 I did an arrangement on the piano solo for my personal collection, changing the harmony. 
The theme in dotted quavers came to me in a vision like a waterfall of notes coming from nowhere. The rhythm on the bass (the arpeggios are the foreground) the right hand or violins evokes the mysterious dimension in life. 
The title “Cyclamen” means flower in french, 
where we can interpret the idea of time represented as a cycle.

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