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Vladimir Orlov Владимир Орлов - Relaxation 2


Vladimir Orlov
Born in Saratov, May 5, 1986 .In 2001 he graduated from secondary school number 46 (9 classes) and a children's music school № 3 (7 classes).In 2001 he entered the Saratov Regional College of Arts (now - College) at the music department in " music theory ", where he studied composition in the class teacher , Honored Artist of Russia V. MassinaIn 2005 he graduated from SOUI and enrolled in the Saratov State Conservatory . Sobinov theoretic - performing faculty on a specialty "composition" in the class of Associate Professor Royal VGIn 2010 he graduated from the conservatory.In 2010 he took part in workshops in Ruza composer , and in 2011 - in the educational program of the All-Russian Youth Forum "Seliger" .Since 2006 he has taught music theory discipline in children's art school № 18 in Saratov , and since 2010 is a professor of the Saratov State Conservatory. Sobinov .While a student at the Conservatory V course , in May 2010 together with the composer Dmitri Sundyrevym team created new music theater , artistic director is present.Since 2011 he has headed the office grind Saratov ( Youth Division ) Russian Union of Composers .Since 2012 a member of the Russian Union of ComposersAuthor of more than 50 works in various genres , including : the symphony , three sonatas , four relaxation song cycle " The heart of another " with lyrics by Natalia Kravchenko, three choirs on poems by N. Rubtsov , songs , chamber and instrumental works , etc.Works were performed in Russia (Saratov , Moscow , Vologda , Samara, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg) and Bulgaria ( Varna )AwardFellow Administration municipality "City of San Francisco" in the nomination " for outstanding achievements in the field of culture , arts and sports " ( 2012).Diploma of Municipal Administration "City of Saratov" for his personal contribution to the education of the younger generation and for excellence in work.Fellow "Young Talents of Russia " (2004 , 2007).ContestsWinner of the Second All-Russian competition of composers to create choral works "Young Classics" (Vologda, 2012) ;The winner of the International Competition for Young Composers . Myaskovsky ( Moscow, 2009 );Winner of the XII International Youth Festival-Contest " Hope. Talents . Masters "( Bulgaria , 2007) ;Winner of XXI All-Russian competition of young musicians them . DBKabalevskogo (Samara , 2006):Winner of the II International competition of young musicians gubernatorial them . VA Gavrilina (Vologda, 2004) ;Winner of four Russian competitions them . Alfred Schnittke (Saratov, 2008, 2006 , 2004, 2002 );Winner of the All-Russian Olympiad in music theory and history (Ryazan , 2002).FestivalsII International Festival Hammer (Saratov - Novosibirsk, 2013 );III International Intercollegiate festival " New Music - a new reality" (Ekaterinburg, 2012) ;Composer festival " Eighth " (Rostov-on -Don, 2012) ;I grind International Festival (Saratov - St. Petersburg , 2012) ;II Intercollegiate composer festival " New Music - a new reality" (Ekaterinburg, 2010 );XIII International Festival of Arts "Sergei Shards and his friends" (St. Petersburg , 2009).

Relaxation 2

(by the composer himself)

"Relaxation-2" is made in a minimalist technique, based on the regular repetition of consonant harmonies. Of relaxation is due to a conscious rejection of dissonance.

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