dimanche 16 mars 2014

Tomasz Kamieniak - Impromptu pour piano. Hommage a Philip Glass op.60


Tomasz Kamieniak - pianist and composer Karol Szymanowski graduate of the Academy of Music in Katowice, under the direction of Joanna Domanska

and Zbigniew Raubo anisi Maria Szwajger - Kułakowska for chamber music. In 2004 he developed his piano skills by Rolf Dieter Arens - in the prestigious Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar . It also participates in masterclasses Konstantin Scherbakov in Weimar.In 2007 , he won the Grand Prix of the 4th Contest Recording Project "Forgotten Polish Music" organized by The Act Prerequisite Music Company . In 2008 he recorded the first volume of piano pieces by Józef Wieniawski (Act Prerequisite AP0184 ) .In 2003 he won the Special Prize at the 4th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition in Weimar, he is also involved in organizing the festival "Music in Rybna Summer " (2006) and participates in many festivals : the Festival of Bayreuth, the " Indian Summer in Levoča " in Slovakia , the festival " Swego denies znacie " , " New Music in Bytom " ...It creates the concertos Józef Wieniawski and provides the first execution in Poland Tirol Concerto by Philip Glass.Self-taught composer , he composed for piano, various chamber ensembles , choirs ( Missa Pater Noster , Requiem ) and film music . His piano works have been published on a double album produced by The Act Prerequisite Music Company .His works have been performed in Germany, Netherlands , Switzerland, England , Slovakia, Ukraine , Hungary, Italy ...

 Impromptu pour piano. Hommage a Philip Glass op.60

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