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Sergei Zagny СЕРГЕЙ ЗАГНИЙ - Ten Glasses


Sergei Zagny
Born in Moscow (1960).
Studied at Moscow State Conservatoire (1983-1988).
Postgraduate at Moscow State Conservatoire (1988-1991).
John Cage First Russian Prize (1992).
Working as Music Director with Boris Yuchananov theater group (1992-1996).
Working at the Theremin Center (the Studio of Electroacoustic Music of Moscow Conservatoire) (1993-1995).
Teaching Polyphony, Analysis and Harmony at Moscow State Conservatoire at Department of Composition (since 1993 to date).
Composes music for piano, organ, chamber ensembles, electronic instruments; makes video, installations etc; performs his own music on piano, organ, nontraditional instruments.
Music of Zagny has been performed in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, USA and some other countries.
Collaborated with Anna Alchuk, Anton Batagov, Masha Chuykova, Adolf Goldman, Tatiana Gringenko, Slava Guyvoronsky, Mike Hentz, Anna Koleichuk, Sergey Letov, Alexei Lyubimov, Andrey Monastyrsky, Tomoko Mukayama, Mark Pekarsky, Sasha Pepelyaev, Lina Petrova, Nikolai Polissky, Dmitry Prigov, Natalia Pshenitchnikova, Lew Rubinstein, Frederic Rzewski, Vladimir Smolyar, Theodor Tezhik, Masayuki Yasuhara, Luiz Henrique Yudo, Boris Yuchananov and others.

Ten Glasses

(by the composer himself)

"Glass" here is a small piece like "bagatelle" or "musical moment". It is supposed that such pieces remind a music of Filip Glass in material and structure.

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