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Paul Wehage - Early Morning: New York Skyline


Paul Wehage

 After completing his education at the University of Texas at Austin, Paul Wehage came to France to complete his study at the Paris Conservatory of Music where he received his First Prize in 1990. He remained in Paris after this time to present programs of American Music for the Jeunesses Musical de France and for concerts organized through Europe for music festivals, cultural series, radio and television. He also became passionately interested in French music, through his study of music written at the beginning of the century. His study of this rich musical heritage lead to the rediscovery of many works by composers such as Pierre Vellones, Manuel Rosenthal and Germaine Tailleferre through recordings, concerts, publications through his music publishing house and presentations during masterclasses.
His work with the French composers avec Jean Françaix et and Antoine Tisné lead to a large number of new works by each of these composers, including operas, chamber music, and shorter works. Other younger composers were inspired to begin writing works especially for him, including Pascale Jakubowski, Gian-Paolo Chiti, Jeffrey Stolet, Jean-Thierry Boisseau and Joseph-François Kremer, to name only a few. Currently, his work is centered around the promotion of these works through recordings, publications and concerts throughout the World.
His work as composer and conductor is strongly influenced by his experience as a performer. After arranging and recording the Six Suites for Violoncello of J.S. Bach he composed "Responsio", Six Suites for Saxophone Solo to complete his reflection on Bach's monumental work. The City of Lagny-sur-Marne has also inspired a series of works including the Suite Latignacienne for Organ, written for the American Organist Carson P. Cooman and Les Pallisades Mystérieuses (Theme and Seven Variations) for Saxophone and Piano, inspired by a theme written on the walls surrounding the construction site of the new cultural center in Lagny. His Stabat Mater written for the Ensemble Akané who performed it's first performance. Paul Wehage is currently working on his First Symphony.

Early Morning: New York Skyline

(by the composer himself)

Early Morning: New York Skyline (Hommage à Philip Glass) was written for the French pianist 
Nicolas Horvath, an untiring champion of New Music and noted performer of Philip Glass’ piano 
music.  The work was written for a series of concerts in honor of Glass that Horvath will perform
 in a number of capitals, beginning at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France in March, 2014. 

The work begins with an ostinato-figure in the right-hand, which should be played at the same 
dynamic and absolutely in rythmn thourhout the work.  In the left-hand, two motives are presented 
with slightly different rhythmic contexts, the lower motif which gradually becomes more present 
and the higher motive which grandually becomes more and more distant.  The sustain pedal should 
be used throughout the work and the ressonance should be allowed to ring at the end.

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