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Nancy Luzko - Waiting to know


Nancy Luzko
Nancy Luzko's music-making stems from the Contemporary Classical and embraces influences from other musical genres, including rhythms of Latin America and elements of Jazz. Her music has been performed on stages of Europe and the Americas. Her work Sonatina for piano won the first prize at the “National Contemporary Composition Competition” in Paraguay, and was published by the Paraguayan Vice Ministry of Culture and the French Alliance. An orchestrated version of Sonatina was subsequently premiered by the Asuncion Symphony Orchestra.
In 2009 Nancy released her album “Piano Works – Obras para Piano”, a collection of imaginative original piano pieces performed by Nancy herself.  In 2010, in collaboration with her brother, composer Daniel Luzko, she wrote the original score for “Madame Lynch”, a ballet commissioned by the Ballet Municipal de Asunción, and the National Symphony Orchestra of Paraguay for the celebration of the bicentennial anniversary of the independence of Paraguay. Her music was also choreographed by the Kansas City Ballet, and performed by pianists around the world.
As a pianist, she performs classical and contemporary works, including her own music, and has given concerts both as a soloist and with orchestra, captivating audiences in countries such as Argentina, Austria, Canada, Paraguay, Poland, Spain, and the USA. She has received numerous praising reviews, among them The Washington Post wrote: “ Luzko invested the notes with honesty and integrity…”, “Ravel’s Sonatine, brisk and invigorating, stood out for the ripe phrasing and linear clarity Nancy brought to the music…”, “She made the arrangements sparkle with colorful touches… ”
Paraguayan-American Nancy Luzko began her musical studies in Paraguay, and continued her education in Warsaw, Poland. She subsequently took residency in the USA, where she earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Kansas, a Master of Music degree from Florida International University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Miami.

Waiting to know 

When Nicolas asked me to write the Homage, I was going through a very special time in my life. I was "waiting to know" if I was pregnant with my first child. Thinking about Philip Glass' style, and his beautiful music, I started imagining this new "being" coming to life inside of me. The piece portrays the future baby forming, moving, creating life, which also came with the anxiety of not knowing the results! 
Just before finishing composing the piece, I wanted to wait to chose the right chord for the end until I knew the results of the pregnancy test: if the news were not good, I was going to finish it with a minor chord. But luckily since the news were positive, I wrote a sweet and happy ending...

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