dimanche 16 mars 2014

Michael Vincent Waller - Pasticcio per meno è più


Michael Vincent Waller

Michael Vincent Waller is an Italian-American composer of contemporary classical music, living and working in NYC. Waller's work is expansive in its incorporation of avant-garde sound worlds and connecting them back to a more traditional, classical beauty - hailed by the New York Times as "sweetly lyrical" and "pensive". He also has studied world music, specifically raga, and focused on modal analysis. Waller's chamber works have been commissioned and performed by the S.E.M. Ensemble, FLUX Quartet, Ensemble Epomeo, Ensemble Dedalus, Eric Huebner, Jenny Q. Chai, String Noise (Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim Harris), Hilo String Duo (Caroline Chin & Brian Snow), Zentripedal Duo, Project SiS (Christine Kim), Cadillac Moon Ensemble, and many more, at venues such as ISSUE Project Room, Roulette, and Spectrum. He has studied with La Monte Young, Bunita Marcus, Petr Kotik, and Elizabeth Hoffman as a graduate of New York University.

Pasticcio per meno è più

(by the composer himself)

Pasticcio per meno è più (2014) is written and dedicated to Nicolas Horvath. This work was written to be premiered on a full program of Philip Glass's music - and it reflects on the core minimalist idea "less is more". There are pastiche-like elements that are very simple and repetitive - expanding into always changing, subtle and complex variations. The melody imbues a sense of sauntering beauty, while the piece taunts you (and him).

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