samedi 15 mars 2014

Melaine Dalibert - En abyme


Melaine Dalibert

Melaine Dalibert is a French pianist and composer born in 1979. After studying piano in Rennes and Paris conservatories, he dedicates himself to contemporary art creation as a performer (première pieces from G. PESSON, G. D’ANGIOLINI, A. ESSYAD among others) while initiating a personal composition work based on rigorous generative systems. Melaine shares preoccupations with visual artists such as François MORELLET or Véra MOLNAR, whom he has collaborated with, and his music is deliberately emancipated from any narrative purpose in order to highlight combinatorial games vacillating between order and chaos.
His creations have been radio transmitted (France Musique) and played in many French and foreign museums and contemporary art centers.

En abyme

(by the composer himself)

« En abyme » (2014) is a fractal-based piece that could perpetually self-generate. It consists in a succession of ascending 5th and 6th variably arranged in a way that paradoxal descending lines arise. 
It is dedicated to the pianist Nicolas Horvath.

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