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Jürg Frey - Miniature in Five Parts


Jürg Frey

Jürg Frey was born in 1953 in Aarau (Switzerland). Following his musical education, which finished with the examen de virtuosité in the class of Thomas Friedli at the Concervatoire de Musique de Genève, he turned to a career  as a clarinetist, but his activities as composer soon came to the foreground.
He developed his own language as a composer and  sound artist with the creation of wide, quiet sound spaces.  His work is marked by an elementary non-extravagence of sound, a sensibilty for the qualities of the material, and precision of compositional approach.
Sometimes his compositions bypass instrumentation and duration altogether and touch on aspects of sound art.
He has worked with compositional series, as well as with language and text. Some of these activities appear in small editions or as artist's books as individual items and small editions. (Edition Howeg, Zurich; weiss kunstbewegung, Berlin; complice, Berlin). His music and recordings are published by Edition Wandelweiser.
His music has been played at festivals such as Maerzmusik Berlin, Interpretations (New York), Centre Culturel Suisse (Paris) and huddersfield contemporary music festival (UK),  In 2010 he has been a guest composer at Other Minds San Francisco. Some of the other places his work has developed  are the concerts at the Kunstraum Düsseldorf, the Wandelweiser-in-Residence-Veranstaltungen in Vienna, the cooperation with Cologne pianist John McAlpine, the Bozzini Quartet (Montréal), QO-2 (Bruxelles), Die Maulwerker, incidental music, as well as the stays in Berlin (where during the last years many of his compositions were premiered). He is regulary invited by small, innovative concert series like Ny Musik Boras (Schweden), The Dog Star Orchstra (Valencia, CA), music we’d like to hear (London), Neufelden (Österreich) The Miniaturist Ensemble (New York), Klang im Turm (München) PianoLab.Amsterdam or the wulf  (Los Angeles).
Jürg Frey is a member of the Wandelweiser Komponisten Ensemble which has presented concerts for more than 15 years in Europe, North America and Japan.

Miniature in Five Parts
(by the composer himself)

The title Miniature in Five Parts refers to Philip Glass’ longest concert piece Music in Twelve Parts. It became a short piece of 5 minutes, but anyway, I tried to open and spread the music and the time to get wideness and calm. The piece is also a little reflection about how a clear architectural form can be changed by precise materials to a ephemeral landscape.

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