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Eka Chabashvili თემის გარეშე - Cleft in the Sky


Eka Chabashvili

 A young Georgian composer  E. Chabashvili's main compositions are 2 ballets and works for instrumental theatre, chamber compositions for different musical instruments, plays for orchestra, for guitar, for choir, for organ, multimedia Idea of God - Spheres.
She said: The Georgian Composers Live at the Cross of Space and Time and really, her creation is full of European and non-European cultural musical traditions.E. Chabashvili uses the new techniques of XX century's professional academic music, such as random structure, sonorous, and parts of polystylistic forms. At the same time, in her works you come across the meditative dramaturgy, static kind of composition. She pays attention not how to develop the musical materials in time, but to its improvisational-variation development in space.
Karlhainz Stockhausen describs her creation like this:
In her works she creates timbre-theatrical pieces, compositions. Often, coming from the verbal music she creates rhythmic-melodic intonation compositions of oratory-artistic nature. Eka's composition technique is quete unique and interesting Her music is intuitively and her scores are based on the principle 'repeat and vary'.
      Marika Nadareishvili
PH.D. Musicology,
Tbilisi State Conservatoire

Artistic and professional curriculum vitae

EKA CHABASHVILI (Georgia) was born in Tbilisi.
In 1979-86 she studied in Musical school N4 (Tbilisi) piano class; graduated with honours.
In 1986-90  she studied in Musical College N1(Tbilisi) Department of Musical Theory, Diploma with honours.
In 1990-1995 she studied in Tbilisi Conservatoire, Department of Composition (Prof. Nodar Mamisashvili class) Diploma - meditative ballet Radiance (for two orchestra and electronics) with honours.
In 2008-2011 she studied for degree of music doctor in Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Department of Composition (Prof. Nodar Mamisashvili class), Thesis
"For the Concept of Multi-topophonic Composition Technique".

In 2001 (30/IX-7/X) she was invited to Germany on 10 Internationale Musikwerkstatt Buckow workshop for composers (Prof. Franghis ali-Zadeh), where there were performed Frescos and Panorama.
In 1995-96 she was Director of the Art Salon;
In 1996-99 she was Musical editor and composer of cinema studio Mematiane; [animated cartoon film Sieger der sieger-1996.-Dir. M. Davitaia; short film One man is walking on the road-1997Dir. G. Kakabadze; film Alives- Dir. G. Kakabadze; etc.]
In 1999-2000 she was Animator of the organisation War Child. She helped the refugee children from war to forget their tragedy and traumatic experiences by music.
In 2000 she founded experimental instrumental theatre Sensus on the basis of the National Academy of Georgia and Young Scientisrs College. (2000-currently acting as a director of the theatre) .

She is giving lectures about music in University of Thearte and Cinema in Tbilisi since 2004.
She is giving lessons of composition in Georgian spacial musical school since 2005.
She is giving lectures in Tbilisi State Conservatoire (composition class) since 2006.

In 1996 she was awarded by the first prize for Panorama in competition Competitive Piece for Pianists Competition for the Georgian composers.
In 2002 Panorama was performed on the Orleans International Pianists competition of XX century music by Nino Jvania who became competition's laureate. Panorama was performed by different pianists in different countries.
In 2003 she was awarded the prize for the best georgian composer of the year by Union of Georgian Composers.
In 2004 on the ICE FEST 2004 Polyphonic Voices, Music by Emerging Composers from Around the World (USA) her Polyphonic Verses was played on different programs, in different contexts.
In 2004 her work Kopala XXI for instrumental theatre was commissioned by Pre-Art in Switzerland and was performed on ISCM festival - World New Music Days 2004 Trans-it.
In 2005 was performed her version of K. Stokhausen's Tierkreis (recording) on the concert of contemporary music days in Tbilisi.
In 2004-2005 she was organizer of contemporary music days in Tbilisi, which was granted by Goethe Institud, Azintertur, Prohelvetia, Ministry of Culture of Georgia, etc.
In 2006 she is member of musician's group for the Refomation of teaching method for the musical education.
In 2006 her piece Frescos was performed in Seattle on the festival Icebreaker III: The CAUCASUS.
In 2006 she was invited in France for giving lecrutes about improvisation in music and dance� in Ecole Britten (Higher Institution of Music of the City of Perigueux), where was performed her multimadia Idea of God (III part). Also she took part  in the concerts with the group Les Imprevisiblesin Bordeaux. And she presented her works at the conference for teachers in CDDP (Centre for Pedagogic Documentation) in the Dordogne.
In 2006 she was invited in Holland, where was performed her microotatoria Galobani sinanulisani for organ. It was played by organists Pieter van Dijk and Frank van Wijk on the Hagenbeer-Schnitger organ in the Grote Sint Laurens church in Alkmaar in november 29st 2006.
In 9 March, 2007 her Sonata for piano and violin was performed in New-York.
In 28 November, 2007, she was invited on the concert in Texas (USA), where was performed her commissioned work PRISM.
In 2007 her work Chorale (a cappella) was awarded by third prize in composers competition of  MDR-Rundfunkchores Leipzig.
In 11 December, 2007, was performed Panorama in Istambul by Kathryn Woodard (American pianist)
In 24 December, 2007, was performed II part from musical novel The Sound and the Fury by W. Faulkner  for Hologramm Theatre.
In 15 -19 April, 2008, will be performed and broadcasted awarded works Chorale.

Member of computer music studio since 1996
Member of the Centre for Sound Ecology since 1997.
Member of the Union of Georgian Composers since 1998.
She is founder of the Association of the young composers and musicologists since 1999.
Member of the Avant-garde Music Salon since 2001.
Member of group which was granted of Soros Open Society Georgia Foundations for development contemporary music.
Her music was performed in different countries: Georgia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Egypt, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Argentine, Australia, USA, Austria, Holland, etc.
She actively works in music for theatre and cinema, painting and literature. She is publishing articles and researching in psychology of creativity, music of cinema,  theoretical hypothesis about the musical genes & Euphonia, the theory about atomic musical system.

Cleft in the Sky

(by the composer herself)

"Everybody knows power of the sound in the Universe, each body is full in own music and we are caught by these waves knitted net. Sometimes we should to carefully listen to each other and we will find streamed beautiful sounds from our neighbour body.
And when the music of the confluence bodies is sounded, we hear the Symphony of the Life;
And the sound of this Symphony has power to split the sky and spread in the cosmos.
And this symphony transformed in energy of the love is spilt through the "Cleft in the Sky" back to the sounded bodies."

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