dimanche 16 mars 2014

David Christoffel - A perfect french


David Christoffel
Born in 1976 in Tours, lives in Clichy.
Author spoken operas such as La flûte dite enchantée (1997), Le Déchante-Merdier (1999), or Les Batons rompus (2009) released on the netlabel Echopolite ), David Christoffel is interested in the relationship between poetry and music (less for loans to each other in investigating the possibilities of an " archimetry ").His Ehess  thesis focuses on the indications of Erik Satie's score ( an extract appeared in the « Ironie / Parodie 1 » Text revue (University of Toronto) , another in the « Dérives de l’essai » from Études Littéraires  (University of Quebec).

On contemporary poetry, he wrote « Discrètes actualités du poème simultan » in Dossier H,  Dada circuit total (L’Âge d’homme, 2005) and « Opéra et pas-opéras de Tarkos » in RiLUnE n°2

He founded Tais-Toi, Là. (with Klara S. ) and collaborated to Op. Cit., Poésie express, Action restreinte, Critical Secret, Il Particolare, Arte Radio, Doc(k)s, CCP, Boxon, 22(M)dP and Georges.

A perfect french 

A perfect french is an allegory between lyricism and pattern in approximately thirteen sequences. 
With the draft version to do do in a french way the Philip Glass' "american friendly" opera model The Perfect American, it is to spread the drama on structured periods and constrained by their specific expression limits.

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