dimanche 16 mars 2014

Cyril Planchon - Stimulus I


Cyril Planchon

 French , born in 1975 in Angers , Cyril Planchon began piano at the age of 8 .
His passion for the piano quickly leads to the composition.
20 years , Cyril was forced to stop the piano for study computer programmer , which leads him to become engineer in large groups such as Canal +, Technicolor .
Real self , Cyril continues to work his music even creating music 2 shows Anjou.
Despite his work computer programmer, Cyril continues to create unabated chamber music, piano pieces , music playing ...
Driven by a passion for music, Cyril abandoned his profession to become a professional computer programmer composer .
" Leo " Anthony Bessonnier is his first original music , will succeed "First Date ", a short film by Sarah Gurévick then " clock Angels" Arnaud Debuchy , whose soundtrack was recorded by the orchestra Quartet 92 at Studio Plus XXX Paris.
Today Cyril regularly responds to requests for original music .
Cyril , a self-taught composer who , for some time now , the following courses to hone his songwriting style . I stimulus is most likely the result of this work .

Stimulus - I

(by the composer himself)

The stimulus is an event coming musical nature determine a change in the line
The stimulus can be of type:
- Harmonic
- Rhythmic
- directional
- intervallic
Stimulus I:
In this piece, the stimuli used are directional harmonic type and intervallic.

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