samedi 15 mars 2014

Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang 王馥淳 - Meta-Meta


Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang is a Taiwanese composer whose work draws on her eclectic musical palette, ranging from Western and non-Western classics to jazz and pop. She seeks to capture the transience of momentary beauty and individual identity through the juxtaposition of musical oppositions, revealing complexity within simplicity.
Ms. Wang’s music has been performed across North America, Europe, and Asia at venues including Carnegie Hall, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Aspen Music Festival, MASS MoCA, Logos Foundation, Herz Jesu-Kirche, Kitara Hall, and Hong Kong Arts Centre. She has collaborated with performers such as Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Brooklyn Rider String Quartet, MIVOS Quartet, conductors David Gilbert, Brad Lubman, Paul Chiang, and visual artists Alice Grassi and Takeshi Moro.
Recent honors include the Yvar Mikhashoff Trust for New Music competition, 15th Annual Piano Commission Award, Look and Listen Festival Composition Prize, an Encore Grant from the American Composers Forum, a Composer Assistance Program Grant from New Music USA, among others. Her music can be heard on the ArpaViva Foundation Inc label, WQXR, and WNYC. Her scores are now available through BabelScores.


(by the composer herself)

Meta-meta used the harmonic progressions from Metamorphosis I-V by Philip Glass. I stacked the progressions in each movement on top of each other to become the core harmonic structure of the piece, slowly moved from one to another, and twisted the harmony and rhythm so the piece eventually turned into a metamorphosis within the original Metamorphosis.
Meta-Meta was commissioned by Nicolas Horvath for the GlassWorlds Homage project.

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