dimanche 16 mars 2014

Arnaud Desvignes - Haut Bas Fragile


Arnaud Desvignes
Born in Paris in 1976 , Arnaud Desvignes began studying music and piano at the age of four . Fed multiple musical influences very strong, the Gregorian chant spectral music , through extra- European music , he forges his writing for twenty years. Thus, it places its time and the heart of his work where pattern and chromatic complement and where each piece develops its own form . Playing on the different sound settings , it leaves it to develop between events suitable for dimming and sound " silences " creating vibrant spaces among these events.Violinist Sidonie Bougamont interprets one of his first works in 1999 in Paris . Then, from 2000 , he became musical director of the company The Third Theatre for which he wrote music scene six , including two theatrical creations of the troupe. Pianist Nima Sarkechik interpreter Soliol Festival Radio France Montpellier in July 2009. From 2012 , it organizes thematic concerts where personal works and works of repertoire meet with musicians of great talent.

Haut Bas Fragile

(by the composer himself)

This piece is based entirely on the principle of repetition dear to American minimalists. The six parties that structure the piece , each offering a particular face of the repetition , the repetition of two notes evolving more broadly, the repetition of a simple form , the repetition of a shape with additions sucessifs each repetition, repetition as free toccata and ostinato repetition in multiple mirrors and more random repetition where repeated shapes are fragmented and recomposed . All finding its culmination in the final part when all the previous sections are summarized in the last four serious piano notes . The keyboard , meanwhile , is divided into three sections symmetrical , but not sealed , which change every time each of the first five games. The last four notes of the piano serious acting stubborn and repetitive bass throughout the room and logically conclude from these cycles of répétitions.

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